All gardening applications

Whether planting raised beds, traditional gardens or ornamental flowers, Soil Savvy™ helps refine soil amendments to grow the biggest, healthiest plants and vegetables, while reducing waste and the over-application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.


Grow the greenest and healthiest lawn on the block with Soil Savvy™. Know what your lawn needs to thrive without over application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.

All urban farming applications

Become an environmental steward by refining best management practices (BMP's) while sustainably applying fertilizer & other soil treatments. Know exactly what your plants need to thrive while increasing overall efficiencies and eliminating the over-application of environmentally sensitive nutrients.

Compost & bulk mixes

Whether reconstituting used soils or monitoring your compost, Soil Savvy™ helps make the perfect bulk mix or compost every time.

Landscape professionals

Guide sustainable customer conversations and application efforts with industry leading reports. Our test is easy for your landscape team members to use. It's easy to read and the actionable report assists in developing and delivering exceptional lawn care plans to your clients.

Potted plants

Know what your plants need with pre-plant as well as in season testing to ensure maximum production and quality.

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